Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do my customers know that I’m a member of the iCAN network?

    When shopping online, consumers will see the iCAN4Consumers logo on your website that signifies that you are a member of our iCAN merchant network. Or they can check the membership status by calling our customer satisfaction professionals at 855-660-3214, they will also be able to find useful information on the consumer website,
  2. From a technical standpoint, how do you initiate credits on my behalf?

    We can easily and quickly initiate credits on your behalf with a direct connection to your gateway service provider.
  3. Can I use the service for just eCommerce type businesses?

    While we specifically speak to servicing eCommerce based businesses, we can also service other “Card Not Present” business models such as those who specialize in mail and telephone orders.
  4. How does iCAN guarantee that I won’t receive a chargeback?

    While we can’t provide you with a guarantee that you won’t get a chargeback, but Issuers in general look for associated credits prior to chargeback initiation. But if you do receive a chargeback after iCAN initiated a refund, it can be disputed with the Issuer due to “Credit already Issued.”.
  5. How does the fraud screening work for front-end processing?

    We provide merchant members with a Plug-in module that allows real-time access to the iCAN database to screen for abusive consumers at the time the original transactions are being performed.
  6. How do I update my internal CRM system to reflect iCAN refund activities?

    iCAN provides a daily Refund Request data file that can be easily imported into your internal system to ensure its kept up-to-date. You also have the option of saving the data in Excel format for ease of viewing if need be.
  7. What if I want some say in whether a credit is issued for refunds requested, what do I do?

    We do have other options that would give you the ability to provide input before a refund is granted. Knowing a little bit more about your business and support practices would allow us to recommend the best approach in satisfying your needs.
  8. How much does the service cost?

    We charge $9.95 for each refund request initiated on your behalf. This fee is what you would pay in lieu of a chargeback fee that in many instances is a higher cost. In addition, you also avoid the black mark that a chargeback brings which in itself can be costly if your chargeback and/or fraud levels are too high.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at our iCAN 24 hour support number at: